07.06.2020 School Reopening FAQ

Dear Faith Lutheran families,

I have been engaged in some wonderful conversations with parents, staff and leadership over the past several weeks.  I am so very grateful for your input as it leads me to consider various topics before our reopening occurs on August 5th. I encourage you to keep reaching out to say “Mike, have you considered this or what are the implications for this? Have you read this?”  I welcome your counsel, prayers and support! 

This situation is unique to each individual household and their circumstances.  We must be respectful of various viewpoints on the subject while keeping our kids safe.  With all that being stated, we have created this preliminary FAQ after reading through the federal and state guidelines for school reopening.  Please reach out to me directly with any concerns or questions.

Peace in Christ,


Are we starting school on August 5th?Yes, the plan remains the same to open school on August 5th. There may be times during the year where the public sector has to implement various mitigation strategies, while Faith Lutheran may not have to follow these heightened mitigation levels because there are no cases that exist in our community.  We will continue to follow guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the guidelines contained in the Georgia Departments of Education and Public Health Recovery Plan for Georgia Schools.  Please see the attached guidelines or visit: https://www.georgiainsights.com/recovery.html
What health screening measure will be implemented before people enter the building?All people entering our campus will have their temperature taken and a health screening will be conducted with the parent before entering the building.  For Kindergarten through 8th grade, Pastor and Principal Mike will be stationed at the car rider line outside the church.  For ECE, students and parents will have their temperatures taken at the front doors before entering the building.  If a student has a fever, they will return home until they are fever free for 72 hours without the use of fever reducing medication.  We recommend the CDC criteria to discontinue home isolation.
When should my child stay home?Your child should not come to school, and parents should notify school officials (Mike Wolber, the designated COVID-19 point of contact) if their child becomes sick with COVID-19 symptoms, tests positive for COVID-19, or has been exposed to someone with COVID-19 symptoms or a confirmed or suspected case. In addition, students should not return until they have met CDC’s criteria to discontinue home isolation.
What conditions or requirements will be in place for students who simply become ill and need to remain at home?We are asking that students be fever free for 72 hours without the use of fever reducing medication before returning to school.
What procedures will be in place for students who become ill during the school day?We will immediately separate students with COVID-19 symptoms (such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath) at school.  As in previous years, we will notify the parent(s) that they will have to come to campus to pick up their child.  We are going to have a new nurse’s office for any incidents of illness where fever could be present and where students will need to be isolated according to the guidelines. https://www.georgiainsights.com/recovery.html
What will happen if a confirmed case of COVID-19 takes place at school?First, we will follow the counsel and recommendations from the local health department.  We will close school for 2-3 days for a deep cleaning to take place.
Who will be permitted to enter the building during the day?We will restrict access to the building to students, parents, staff and essential delivery services.  Temperatures and a health screening will be conducted before a person is admitted to the building. Deliveries will be asked to come in through the administration door to limit exposure to the school children.
What is the face mask policy for adults entering the building?We are asking that all adults wear face masks when entering the building and while they are in the building.
What is the face mask policy during the day for students and teachers?The CDC recommends that all children over the age of two should wear face coverings in school except for those who the wearing of masks adversely affects their health (asthma).  At the present time, we will only require this during transition times through the building at the following times:  arrival, lunch, recess, specials, dismissal.
Will the students have specials and how will this work as compared to previous years?Yes, we will have specials classes.  Student grade levels will not be grouped together this year.
Will the students have chapel each Wednesday?Yes, we will have chapel each Wednesday while keep social distancing in place between each grade level group.
What sanitation policies and practices will be in place for: -Handwashing -Recess -Cafeteria -High traffic areas and surfaces-Handwashing will be done multiple times through out the day.  Hand sanitizer dispensers will be place outside each classroom entrance for the students to use upon re-entering their classroom. -Recess will continue with increased time intervals in between each session to allow for spraying of all the playground equipment. Students will not wear facemasks during any physical activity during the course of the day -We will be able to social distance and have lunch in the cafeteria with increased time intervals between grade level lunch periods. -High traffic/High touch services will be cleaned at various times during the day.
Will there be Kids Club this year?This is easily the most problematic area as it pertains to the guidelines.  In its current form, we cannot meet the requirements of social distancing while keeping kids in their specific grade levels.  We will continue to analyze this aspect of our educational program in order to make the best decision possible for keeping our kids safe while providing this critical service to our families.
What is the maximum classroom size at the present time?After inputting our classroom dimensions in to the LCMS software, we can accommodate a maximum of 15 students while practicing social distancing measures.
Should a shelter in place be ordered again, what is the plan for distance learning?We will continue with Google Classroom and Zoom meetings as our main distance learning packages.  We are in the process of developing a schedule where teachers will have virtual instruction for 2-4 hours a day.  Middle school grades would have a different schedule based on their specific needs.  Early Childhood classes would have a different schedule as well.  These matters are an ongoing discussion in order to meet the needs of all learners at various developmental levels.
What measures are being put in place to maintain distance between grade levels/groups?Grade levels will not be able to have recess or specials with each other according to the guidelines.  The guidelines emphasize keeping grade levels and groups separated from one another during the course of the day.
Will students be able to use water fountains?Students will not be able to drink from water fountains, but they will be able to utilize the portion of the water fountain specifically designed for the filling of water bottles.
What will classroom restroom procedures be?Whole class restrooms visits will be scheduled by the teacher throughout the course of the day.  Only two students will be allowed into each restroom at a time.  Students will be allowed to use the restroom outside of the designated schedule if an emergency situation does arise.  We want to avoid the intermingling of various grade levels according to the guidelines.
What will be the plan for weekly and monthly programs? We will refrain from having large gatherings at the present time.  We are planning on having School in Prayer, but while maintaining social distancing measures.  Unfortunately, we can’t have Chapel Buddies or Faith Families to start the school year.  The guidelines suggest that we should stay in our separate grade level groups during the course of the day.
Will there be large scale events like School Kick-off and Fall Festival?Events of this nature will not be planned at the present time.  A schedule will be developed for the 3rd and 4th of August for each family to come in to meet their child’s teacher.  During these days, you will also be able to make tuition payments and access resources (Bibles, assignment books, key cards/fobs, uniform closet, etc.).
What is the plan for athletics?I do not have an update on this at the present time.  We are awaiting a decision from the athletic conference.
What is the plan for during or after school programs like dance and soccer?According to the guidelines, we should refrain from having outside visitors and the intermingling of various age levels.
Will visitors be allowed on campus for in-house field trips or presentations?The same is true here, the guidelines stipulate that outside visitors should not be allowed on campus.
Will a blended or online learning module be offered in the fall?No, not at the present time.  All learning will be conducted on campus during the course of the school day
How often will the classrooms and building be sanitized?On a nightly basis, every classroom and common area will be cleaned and sanitized.

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