Chapel Projects

The world considers it a blessing to receive a gift, but the Christian considers it a blessing to be able to give the gift. Implied is this truth, that the Christian recognizes the Giver of all good gifts and gives to others out of his/her great love for God, who gave the greatest gift of all, His Son, Jesus. We at Faith have again selected mission giving opportunities for our students and church members. They are grouped into four categories: God Helps the Helpless, God Provides for the Homeless Among Us, God Feeds the Little Children, and God Gives a Fresh Start. They represent ministries at the local, national, and international levels and are always a donation of cash or goods to organizations or people outside of the Faith family.

The children and adults at Faith Lutheran Church and School have always been very generous with their donations, and for this we humbly thank you. To us who have been given much, much will always be asked, and yet we cannot ever out give God. Applying that very basic stewardship principle to these mission projects each month gives us an excellent opportunity to teach our children and remind ourselves of God’s generosity.

We humbly ask that you as a family pray specifically for the ministry chosen each month. Praise God for that ministry, ask His holy blessing upon it, and pray for a giving heart as you contemplate your donation to it. Thank you.