Why Faith?

What is distinctive about Faith Lutheran School?

Students hear the Good News daily for growth and nurturing.  Faith Lutheran School provides an environment where God’s Word produces a reverence and love for God, a knowledge of salvation, a passion for justice, a desire for peace, and a concern for the poor and oppressed of this world. Students at Faith learn to live in the world, without being “of the world.”

Students at Faith are encouraged to view their lives as opportunities for service to their Lord. Children are helped to see how their life’s work can be used in service to God and their neighbors.

At Faith, children learn in the presence of and with the guidance and support of committed Christian teachers and staff members. The teachers are free to teach and act from a thoroughly Christian viewpoint in all situations. Therefore, although each child receives a solid academic education, it is a Christ-centered education.

The close community at Faith Lutheran School allows the church to function as a genuine fellowship and permits the Word of God to grow and multiply.

Faith Lutheran School, by considering unchurched children to be a priority in relation to enrollment procedures, is an agency for evangelical outreach.

Students at Faith Lutheran School, on average, achieve at or above average in the academic areas.

What we offer at Faith Lutheran School

The following co-curricular classes are offered:

  1. Music: ECE thru 8th grade
  2. Physical Education: ECE thru 8th grade
  3. Technology: ECE3 thru 8th grade
  4. Spanish: EC4 thru 8th grade

The following extracurricular activities may be offered:

  1. Ballet classes: ECE thru 4th grade
  2. Beginning and Advanced Band: 4th thru 8th grade
  3. Handbell Choir: 5th thru 8th grade (by invitation)
  4. Sports (as follows): 5th thru 8th grade:
    Fall – Boys Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Co-ed Cross Country
    Winter – Cheerleading, Boys and Girls Basketball
    Spring – Co-ed Track & Field
  5. Student Council: Middle School
  6. National Junior Honor Society: Middle School

Middle School Electives rotate each semester
may include subjects such as Art, Drama, Chorus, Financial Education, Book Club, Weight Training, etc.

Middle School Overnight Education Trips:
6th grade – Rock Eagle 4H – Outdoor Education
7th grade – Georgia historical sites – Georgia history
8th grade – Washington, D.C. – US history

Parent Reviews

What parents have to say about Faith Lutheran School


Great church and school with fantastic leaders guiding the ship (Principal, Board Members, Pastors, & Elders).  Amazing people within the entire organization…loving, caring and supportive.  Fantastic teachers with an excellent curriculum with Jesus Christ at the center and at the heart of what we do as a Faith Family.  You will not be disappointed; I can guarantee it.

What a blessing this school is to my children and family! My children have grown so much in both their academics and their willingness to reach out and help others. The wonderful teachers and staff know the children and call them by name. The smiles I see on the faces of the students when I’m there tells me they’re happy and doing well. I’ve also watched friends’ children graduate and go on to magnet programs and other elite private schools, doing well and continuing to excel at all their endeavors. Obviously, they’ve got the challenging academics to encourage the students to do their best. And, when my children do have problems, the teachers and staff are always ready to help. The school also teaches and enables the students to reach out to others in the community. Together the students and families put together EVERYTHING needed for a refugee family to come live in the area. With the recent tornadoes in the southeast, the students came up with the idea of “selling” no-uniform days to raise money to send to help others’ recovery; the administration immediately “ok-ed” the plan. What wonderful support! This is truly the best place in East Cobb for families! ~Submitted by a parent

What a wonderful school. FLS has all of the right ingredients – longtime teachers who truly strive to bring out the best in each individual child; a staff who genuinely care about the well being of every family; a relatively new (the school has been in operation for 50 years) classroom facility, new playground and soon, a new playing field. The school offers a before/after school program and camps that work well for working parents. Spanish & computer class are introduced in kindergarten and sports and music programs are offered throughout the school year. FLS is a close knit school that cultivates (and expects) good behavior, community service and high achievement. We could not be happier with our experience and hope to keep our children at FLS through 8th grade. ~Submitted by a parent

We love this school! Our daughter has thrived academically, socially and most of all in her love for Christ and respect for others. Teachers are great, principal is great! well worth the investment! ~Submitted by a parent

Two Thumbs up !! This is the best School ever. My sons personality and grades greatly improved since we enrolled here. I would not change a thing. At FLS it is all about the Kids! Thank you teachers and staff. ~Submitted by a parent

The overall quality of this school is outstanding. All the grade level teachers have their Georgia certifications. The class sizes are small which enables the teachers to offer quality time with each student. The principal has only been there two years but he is a real people person. He welcomes students and parents to talk to him. He knows every child by name – even the early childhood students. The school now offers a competitive sports program after school hours for students in grades 5-8. They play against teams from other private schools in the area. The school offers several choirs – including a chime choir. This year we look forward to adding handbell choirs as well. They also have a growing band program. The parents are welcomed to be involved. The school has a very active Parent-Teacher League which offers various activities for families during the year.

We chose Faith because of its Christ centered environment and for its teachers who encouraged our child’s enthusiasm for learning. ~Byron and Nancy Pietro, 8th grade

Our family chooses Faith because we feel our children get the loving care and guidance at school that we give them at home. ~Stephanie Gatlin, ECE3 & ECE 4

At first glance, Faith Lutheran School may look like any private school providing a high-quality education. Students curiosity and creativity is encouraged. Teachers are enthusiastic and dedicated to ensuring all of our children learn and grow intellectually. The environment is safe and nurturing and one of mutual acceptance, cooperation and respect. But there’s more than the eye sees. The intangibles of instilling values, practicing courtesy and concern for other people, the self-esteem and confidence to make the right decisions for the right reasons- these are just a few of the gifts that Faith Lutheran School gives to our children. Each child’s gifts are unique and Faith ensures that our children have a relationship with God and that they know the love and the caring in Christ will be just as personal.
Faith Lutheran School can offer your child a quality education, a strong spiritual and moral base for the future and growth in all aspects of life. I have two daughters attending Faith and definitely recommend Faith Lutheran School as a place for your child to learn and grow. ~Bettina Brayshaw, 4th grade & 6th grade

We looked at many different pre-schools before we decided on Faith Lutheran. I knew immediately that this was the place for our daughter. The school is organized, clean and calm. I think I was drawn to the school because of the calmness and organization. The teaching staff is so caring and friendly. I believe because of the small class size my daughter gets the attention she needs. And, it shows in her behavior and her excitement to attend school. She loves the arts and crafts, chapel time and of course playing outside. However, we love that she talks about God and even sings about him at home. I immediately saw a change in her demeanor one week after she started. She was happy. I feel truly blessed that we found this school and the teachers. It has been a wonderful experience and I look forward to her attending Faith Lutheran for many years. ~Mary Mena, ECE2