Fine Arts

Fine Arts is an integral part of our education and instruction here at Faith Lutheran School.  We believe that our students have many talents, and through the avenue of Fine Arts, they may not only showcase their talents, but also share them to give glory back to God who bestowed those gifts upon them.

In this ensemble, your student will have the privilege and opportunity to learn a new instrument or continue on an instrument, gain an appreciation for ensemble music, as well as develop an understanding of fundamental playing technique and appropriate performance etiquette.

Beginning Band may comprise of students in 5th – 8th Grades, and will meet during the week.

There is no fee to participate in this ensemble, aside from rental and instrument maintenance.

Students are suggested to choose from the following instruments:
Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone/Euphonium, Percussion (Snare Drum and/or Mallet Instrument).

Tuba is still quite large for most students to handle, while Oboe, French Horn and Strings are not recommended for beginning players. Students interested in string instruments should seek private lessons. 

You and your child are responsible for renting and maintaining your student’s instrument.  There are a few instruments that are available to be “borrowed” for the school year, but proper maintenance of the instrument is still expected.  Here are a few stores that are recommended for rental and finding the appropriate instrument for your child.  These stores are also excellent sources for private lessons.  You are encouraged to take advantage of these programs, as the ensemble has limited time together:

Ken Stanton Music
119 Cobb Parkway North
Marietta, GA 30062
(770) 427-2491

Whipkey’s Music
2949 Canton Road #700
Marietta, GA 30066
(770) 422-8704

In addition to learning about musical instruments, styles, genres, history, and theory, students sing regularly in class. The students are taught several warm-ups and their purposes, solfege and intervals, pitches and letter names, as well as proper breath techniques and vowel shapes for their age group. The FLS student body is divided into a few choirs or closely-related voice parts: the ECE students, TK and Kindergarten through Grade 2, Grades 3-5, and Grades 6-8. This allows our differing class sizes to join together as a larger ensemble for musical programs and concerts to share our talents.

Grades 4 through 8 are eligible to participate in our FLS Handbells group! Playing handbells is a history-honored tradition, especially in a sacred church setting, and these students learn the fundamentals of ringing and how to build an ensemble from many players. These students meet Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7:30AM to practice ringing as a group. They perform for school Chapels, Christmas Programs, Grandparents’ Day, and the Spring Concert. The students enjoy learning different bell techniques, rhythms, and musical styles, as well as play a variety of sacred and secular music.