One of the ways we support our Faith Lutheran School scholarship fund is through the State of Georgia.  The Georgia Student Scholarship Organization, GaSSO, is a tuition tax credit program for private schools and their families.  Essentially, this is free money from our state government for our school to provide scholarships to our families. I know what you are thinking, “Mike, you are crazy, the government doesn’t give away free money!”  I am crazy, but this is true.  Please check out the following video: 

When Julie and I first came to Faith Lutheran, we started small at $500 dollars for the first two years.  We did what we could afford at the time in order to claim the donation on the following year’s tax bill.  Yes, 100% of the money you donate comes back to you in your taxes!  All of it! This isn’t a contribution to a governmental fund where you don’t know where your financial contribution might be felt.  You can be 100% assured that your money will be making a difference for a family within the walls of Faith Lutheran.

Now let’s take this to another level.  Let’s start funding GaSSO to levels where we can provide scholarships in the surrounding community.  Our ministry of connecting people to Jesus becomes powerful and impactful when we start reaching out to the unchurched to spread God’s love and grace found through Jesus Christ.  I have big dreams for this place.  You all know that.  I am not lying to you when I say that this is a critical piece in the process of making Faith Lutheran in to something bigger and better than we all can imagine.

Please join me in this endeavor by visiting the GaSSO website to make your pledge to Faith Lutheran today: 

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.  If you would like to set up a meeting during the week where I walk you through the steps that would be wonderful.  The application takes 3-5 minutes to fill out on the website.  There will be more to follow in the coming weeks.